Cricket Calculator for iPhone – app for Cricket lover

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Say It Loud, we are cricket lovers and we proud of it.

Thanks for your shout; J let me tell you why I asked for this shout.

Cricket lovers are always proud of it and they never want to miss it. Watching cricket on television has its own pleasure but what if we are playing cricket on streets or grounds? Obviously, the happiness level goes high for every person.

Everyone wants to enjoy every single moment during the match but then there comes the calculation of strike rates, run rates, economy rates, and other calculations. Do you have much time to waste for calculations during your street matches or tournaments? Obviously No!

If you don’t want to waste your precious time on calculation rather than enjoyment then simply download and install the ‘Cricket Calculator’ application on your mobile. Our app will allow you to simple do calculations without wasting any time.

After the success of Cricket Calculator for Android phones with more than 100k installs and 4.7 ratings, we are announcing the launch of the same applications with same awesome features for iPhone users.

It is a lot easier with Cricket Calculator – an app that allows you to calculate your favorite Batsman Strike Rates, Bowler Economy Rates and if you want to calculate your favorite teams run rate in a current match and Net run rates of the tournament.

You can use this application for calculation everywhere whether you are playing street matches or watching live cricket match of any official tournament.

Your feedback and suggestions are most important for us, kindly extract little time from your busy schedule and send your precious feedback. Also if you have any ideas for iPhone application then kindly let us know we will work on your ideas.

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