Since 2010, ThemeReflex has been the premier source for Themes especially for Nokia, Android and Windows phones but by no means do we stop at some specific brands.

With more than 2+ million impressions, ThemeReflex has been outstanding in providing the quality design content to its readership. The audience consists of design fans from diversified professions who love to customize their phones’ look with the colors of our themes.

With our launch version 2.0 on 28th February 2012 and version 3.0 on 01st April, 2015, we’ve also expanded our coverage domain from just Themes to other design stuff such as Wallpapers, App Reviews, Flash lite screensaver and much more so our advertisers will always have a benefit from it.

Our current statistics are:

  • 400,000 unique visitors / month.
  • 2+ million page views / month.
  • 25,000 followers and friends through Twitter and Facebook.
  • #1 source of the Nokia themes and other relevant content.
  • First to have for design enthusiasts, students, professionals, connected users and corporate people.

We’re offering site-wide advertisement opportunities in different zones of our website on the basis of CPM, weeks or months. Following are the possible available positions:



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