WordPress For Android

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WordPress has proven to be the best CMS so far that’s why we decided to cover it up for all the mobile platforms. This time, we are going to review WordPress for Android. So far, it has been the best WordPress mobile client amongst all four major platforms (Windows Phone and iOS)


  1. Simple UI with everything on the main screen
  2. Landscape and Portrait orientations are quite smooth
  3. Posts can be shared to multiple social networks and email from posts section
  4. You can post both picture and video quickly through this WordPress


  1. Dashboard takes you to the web layout
  2. Styling options are missing in post editor
  3. Administrator can’t change the author of a particular post
  4. No Auto Complete option available of previously used tags or keywords


  1. There should be a mobile administrative panel (of course nothing should be like the desktop version) for appearance, plugins and native WordPress settings.
  2. There should be a proper comment editor as well to quickly moderate them

WordPress for Android

Hasan Baloch is a student of Software Engineering. A creative designer and ground-breaking theme maker. If you want to know more about Hasan, follow him on Twitter

5 thoughts on “WordPress For Android


This app lack of shortcode panel. Its difficult to create a custom post using the app. However its good for quick and short editing, publishing the draft and checking stats (using jetpack plugin). And for all these ways I am using this app.
An year pass when I downloaded a theme for my Nokia X201 from your site. 🙂 Its really Nice to back at this site to browse your big catalog of x201 themes for me.

rohit sharma

sir i repuest u pls make apps for nokia c101


Yes yes its mobile


bhai i cant understand what is the use of it ..can u plz explain .


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