Windows Phone Official London 2012 Olympics App

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Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or not, Olympics fever must have already reached you! Windows phone officially brings to you your chance to stay in between all Olympic events even if you’re millions of miles away from the venue by introducing its very first official Olympics app. Windows Phone Official London 2012 Olympics app is brightly colored and vibrant, just to suit the celebratory occasion.

Olympics are sporting events that mesmerize just about each and every individual including the most oblivious of people around.The countdown has begun….London is all geared up to be holding its third ever Olympics from the 27th of July 2012. Join hands with London and lookup your favorite sports’ details by tapping the tiles embedded with the sporting event’s image. This action would link the user to a screen of the Windows Phone 2012 Olympic Games app that would bring up the news items, specific events, images and an about page for each respective sport.

Since there still are a few days to the onset of the universally acclaimed sporting event, a charismatic screen helps you keep track of the time left for the events to begin. The app allows you to link straight to the Facebook page of the Official London Olympics. Presented by Samsung, the Windows Phone 2012 Olympic Games app gives a chance to stay connected to the games by keeping its users up-to-date with the favorite athletes, teams and countries and providing timely results of each event.

The time durations of each gaming event along with their onset times, details of next upcoming events and other comprehensive schedules are all included in the Windows Phone 2012 Olympic Games app. The live updates of the game would be provided on the screen that currently shows the countdown timer to the onset of the games.

Though the Windows Phone 2012 Olympic Games app is available only in the English language, It is comprehensive enough and would include details of the updated medals’ table as well.The Windows Phone 2012 Olympic Games app permits ad banners and features a favorites page in which your favorite athletes and games can be tagged so that all their details would be easily accessible immediately every time the page would be accessed.

The calendar option of the app allows you to tap a date and all the sporting event details for the day would be displayed. A particular event can be set as a reminder as well, if required. A ‘My games’ option is also featured in the Windows Phone 2012 Olympic Games app which allows the selection of a specific country and the news, reminders and favorites for the respective country would be bought forth.

Created by the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG), the Official Windows Phone 2012 Olympic Games app indeed is a remarkable creation that is free of cost and is easily available in the marketplace lacking only the mapping ability.

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