Windows 10’s new music app updates

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We saw a preview of Microsoft’s incoming music app for Windows 10 back in March with a new user interface which was shadow and cloudy before, but recently technology titan ‘Microsoft’ has unveiled a fresh new design and idea for what appears to be an upcoming release of Windows 10 music app. A recent screenshot was posted at Microsoft’s support site showing an intriguing dark themed design very much similar to Spotify.


Looks like the new updated version includes recent played tracks on the right side and a new integrated menu on the left. The overall theme is black, compared to the white version that Microsoft is currently previewing. Microsoft may have dropped the Xbox branding from its Music and Video apps for Windows 10, but this upcoming release also looks very similar to the Xbox app for Windows 10. Microsoft continues to tweak the user interface of Windows 10, with black and white themes expected to be the primary color options once the operating system is released this summer.


It’s important to note that Microsoft has yet to launch this UI in the Music preview for Windows 10, so it’s possible that the company could change its mind and stick with the current interface or change it up with something different. We will find it out for sure sooner or later.


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