Sony’s E3 2015 most important announcements

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Sony’s E3 press conference for 2015 is not what i was expecting, to be very honest it was pretty dull and a bit short and it lacked the promises of game titles which one expect from Sony to at least introduce it as a rumor. The conference included with bunch of games we already know from previous years and some of new games but even that wasn’t very flashy. The conference wasn’t completely bad at first, it started amazingly with ‘The Last Guardian’ but then it started to plummet until it got really boring. Here are some of the important announcements made in Sony’s E3 press conference.


The Last Guardian

The long awaited hit exclusive franchise which concludes trilogy of ‘Ico’ and ‘Shadow of the Colossus’. We have been hearing rumors about it from decades but no one ever saw any glimpse of it until now. It’s good to see its first gameplay in action finally but even that wasn’t very impressive, the game looked bit rusty as it was running on a PS3 instead of a next-gen console, or maybe it could be due to very early stages of development. It will be coming to Playstation 4 in 2016.


Horizon : Zero Dawn

This is a new game in development of famous Guerrilla Games. It is very much like post-apocalyptic mecha-dino bow hunting. There’s not much information about this game yet, but all we know that it is in good hands, the visuals weren’t bad either. I think wildlings vs robots.



Well there’s another hitman game coming up, agent 47 back on its routine. It is not an exclusive but Hitman series does actually have a fairly complex body of lore, but its trailers are all virtually interchangeable. This game has been in the making at IO-Interactive for years. It’s not for children. It’s not for most adults, either. This is a brutal game – cold, calculating, deadly.


Street Fighter V

The big news is that SF V will be only available for Playstation 4, it will also be available for PC as well but not anywhere else except that. Street Fighter V probably won’t exactly be a revolutionary new title, but it’s a welcome continuation of the classic fighting game series, which has been making do with expansions to Street Fighter IV for the past several years. The game should be arriving by March of 2016, and an open preorder beta is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 in July.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Another massive title – Final Fantasy VII. Remember the past. See it return to the future. This is the reunion and the rebirth. The Remake of one of the most popular RPGs of all time. It will be a timed exclusive to Playstation 4, and yes the visuals were astonishing.


Starwars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront is a pretty mediocre game. This title will have you taking part in classic Star Wars battles. The gameplay and visuals were pretty neat, this is a game that’ll be released on multiple platforms in late 2015 – near the release of the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Destiny Expansion

Bungie returns with Destiny: The Taken King is supposed to be the biggest so far. Among other things, it will include a new map, new gear, and a new strike mission when it comes out in September.



Firewatch is a game that’s all about isolation. You’re going to need to be on your toes, talking to your partner, watching the wild environment you’re assigned to for clues – there’s a mystery to be solved.



Dreams is another game sort of like the one you see above – not in content, but in the way it’s very much off the beaten path. This is new ground. This game is very colorful and very… disturbing.


Uncharted 4

Diving in on the wild once again is Uncharted 4, a Thief’s End. Don’t forget to bring your dune-buggy. The most popular hit exclusive franchise for Playstation right now. Apparently there was a new gameplay trailer pretty impressive just like the last year. This is the second big chunk of gameplay we’ve seen, following an earlier trailer in December. The game is now expected sometime next year.

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