Mobile User Experience with Theme Design – Part 1

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A theme is a set of resources used to personalize the visual experience on a mobile device. It allows the user to change the look and feel for better user experience without affecting functionality of your device.

Out of numerous themes on a device, only one theme will be activated at a time. Once the theme gets activated, it will change the appearance of your device and of all the apps that have been using standard UI components. The components which are not taken under consideration with active theme will reflect the definition of default theme.

Third party apps that are using device UI components will also be transformed by the current theme. Developers of third party apps should be careful while using components because if they are using both custom and device UI components then there’s high a chance of getting mixed visual appearance of the app.

Note: Third party apps that are using custom UI components will not be changed in any case.

Themes must follow basic principles to provide better user experience. Few of them are;
1. Creativity
2. Usability
3. Media Library

A creative theme is the optimal combination of art which is suitable and desirable. It is also a way to express the originality. It doesn’t require many days to create a good theme but with minimal changes according to the situation, you can always come up with some good design.

Courtesy: ChromiPhone theme for Nokia 240x320

Your theme should be attractive, desirable and personal. It is just like a skin that exists on top of default look. It defines something about the person who’s using it.

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14 thoughts on “Mobile User Experience with Theme Design – Part 1


please give me the download link of carbide ui for Nokia c3-00.

    Hasan Baloch

    Dear Usman, Please search it on internet you will get it. 🙂


سلام به مدیر محترم
لطفا فایل موجود در تم ای که حاوی همه ی ایکون های کوشی نوکیا اشا ٢٠٢ می باشد را برای من ارسال کنید.
لطفا اسم برنامه ای که با آن تم می سازید ِ را به ایمیل من ارسال کنید.
ایا شما مسلمان هستید؟

Hello Dear Manager
Please existing file that contains all the icons theme Nokia Asha 202 is a work for me to post.
Please create a theme with the name of a program that can send me an email.
Are you Muslims?


hi. ive read the pointers and i am trying to make my own theme. where do u get the icons for your themes? thanks! btw, i really like your works.

    Arafat Tehsin

    Thanks a lot for your kind comments. We at TR designs prefer to design our own icon sets but there is no hard and fast rule of using your own stuff if you know how to cite others. 🙂


Wow thanks for the info, i have always wondered how to develop themes for Nokia phones, please do indept look in to how to make themes in part 2, preferably a step by step guide using one of your themes.

    Arafat Tehsin

    Thanks a lot for kind comments. We’re definitely looking forward to provide the best material on theme design. Stay tuned for the next part, it will be only soon. 🙂


i am using your themes i am using nokia c1-01 i want T.S letter,please help me.


Hi, I’ve always used you nokia c1-01 themes ever sinced i discovered your website and i still have been using this up to now, but now it seems i want to be creative too and make my own theme for c1-01 themes 🙂 could you please tell me which software to do it with? Thanks :))


ilove your items

Joe Hardy

how and where can i download a theme creator software?


Hey what is thee name of that white theme ? Please tell i will search here and download…


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