Microsoft Arrow Launcher for Android (download APK)

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The Microsoft latest app is Arrow Launcher and it is currently in private beta – meaning that you can’t download it without an invite just yet.


It’s quit good and one of the best launcher for Android (here’s a list of our favorite). Microsoft launcher includes four pages and user can’t add or remove those pages. The first page is the Widget page where you can add widget with multiple scroll-able pages.

The second page is the Apps pge, this is the groups of your app in two sections Recent and Frequent apps. This makes it incredibly easy to find your most relevant applications, and it should dynamically change as your habits evolve. User also add the apps as “Hide always”, but later user can also ‘unhide’ the from launcher setting page.


Swipe to third page that is Peoples page, where you will similarly find your recent and frequent contacts. The system does mix calls, email, messages in People section. The fourth page is for Notes & Reminders, where you can organize your notes as you wish. This is the best feature in Arrow Launcher.

That’s it for home screens. No hassles or complicated pages, Now, let’s move to my favorites part in Arrow Launcher. It is the edited and customized dock menu. The user can literally drag the dock up to display a whole other section with recent contacts, a few option buttons and an extra set of dock shortcuts.


The app launcher is amazingly simple to use. All your applications are alphabetized and it’s a breeze navigating through them by swiping up and down (the traditional way). It’s also possible to drag your finger through the letters on the right side in order to more easily navigate through your long list of apps.


How to get Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher for Android

As mentioned above, Arrow Launcher is not public just yet, but it’s not necessarily hard to get your hands on it. There are two ways to test Arrow Launcher.

Request to be added to the Arrow Launcher Beta Google+ community.

Download the APK file and manually install Arrow Launcher.

Microsoft Arrow Launcher APK (1950 downloads)
File size = 4.1 mb
Format = .apk

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