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A greatest person once said,

“The greatest wastes are un-used talents and un-tried ideas.”

I have seen many people who are talented, have skills in different areas but they don’t try their skills on right track and I am sure such people are also around you. Have you ever questioned yourself that why such people died before death? Why they don’t get success and why they never used their skills?

Usually people have talents and have ideas in their minds and they know how to implement their ideas but the greatest obstacle is not having such platform where they can implement their ideas and use their talents. Such people only need a single platform where they want to show their skills and talents. May be you are also one of them.

So, keeping all these points in mind, our team has decided to make ThemeReflex a platform for such people where they can show their skill and talents. Show your skills on ThemeReflex, interact with the world and explore yourself.

So, how can you be a part of ThemeReflex? If you are a designer, send your designed work to us and we will publish your work on ThemeReflex. If you are a content writer, then send us your contents on technology. Similarly, if you are a developer (mobile or web), then send us your developed application.

All your work will be published on your name and none of us will take your credits and we will give you an account for it. If you also want to promote your work, then this platform is also for you.

It is not over yet, you can also use ThemeReflex to publish your applications or widgets on different stores. May be you are thinking how? So, here is the answer; if you have Android applications and you want to publish the applications on Google Play store then simply let us know. We will help you in publishing your applications. Also if you want to publish only the apk files then we will connect you with apkNode team.

Why are you waiting for? Simple contact us through email or Facebook and send us your work with your name, profile pic and a brief introduction. If you have any ideas and you need us to help you to work on your ideas then be free to contact with us, we are here to help you.

Hasan Baloch is a student of Software Engineering. A creative designer and ground-breaking theme maker. If you want to know more about Hasan, follow him on Twitter

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