HTC Desire Live theme for Nokia X2 / 240×320 (Updated)

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HTC Desire Live Themes for Nokia X2

After success of Blue Mac my first live theme for Nokia 40 series X2 and 240×320 devices, now I will make the series of beautiful and stylish live and static themes for Nokia X2 and other 240×320 screen dimension devices. This is my second Live theme.

HTC Desire Live theme for [intlink id=”13″ type=”category”]Nokia X2 / 240×320[/intlink] with HTC original digital clock face and also included weather indicator and calendar. Weather indicator show the day and night status on home screen, this weather widget is not required any GPRS / Internet packets its work with built-in device clock, so don’t worry for you GPRS and internet volumes.

This theme have HTC style digital clock and calendar. The menu of this is also related with HTC and Android OS. I have made calendar date and day like weather forecasts style, but this is showing the Date, Day and month with full year. If you want same theme for your [intlink id=”182″ type=”category”]Nokia C3 or X2-01[/intlink], just download our already created HTC Sense theme. I hope you like this HTC Desire Live Theme and I know some Nokia C3 users request this same theme for Nokia s40v6 320×240.

Updated: Removed Media Player Skin. Player skin not work properly so we removed it. If we resolved the player skin issue then embed in theme

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HTC-Desire-Live-Theme-X2-by-zb (7767 downloads)
File size = 326 kb
Format = .nth


Right Click on the Download button and select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” Option. Save the .nth file on your computer Now you can transfer this file to your mobile phone using the file transfer option available in your mobile device.

If you file download in .zip format then follow the following step to rename it with .nth

Goto > Control Panel > Folder Options > View (tab) > un-check “Hide extensions for known file types” > click OK.

When you check the downloaded theme file it showing .zip, now rename it .nth. I hope this matter is easily worked.


X2 Live Themes

Zayed Baloch is a user experience designer and web developer. Interested in mobile technologies, web apps and theme making. You can catch him up at Facebook. and Twitter

33 thoughts on “HTC Desire Live theme for Nokia X2 / 240×320 (Updated)

یه بنده خدا

سايتتون خيلي عاليه من بخاطر مسلمون بىن شما بيشتر اينجا ميام ولي

Pavitra Rawat

This is the best theme ever that I see! Thanks a lot for this beautiful theme and greetings for future….


U have done a great job bro i’m expecting more skins for media player and great themes thanks bro !


great effert. Agr music player me bhi android look ho to kya kehna.
So plz. Work on this issue.
Thanks for providing android experiance on nokia.:)

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It’s me, again, Zayed!

I forgot to mention 2 more things:
1) Could the clock be made a real flip clock?
2) Could a small seconds counter be displayed under the minutes?
(I mean just like you have PM and AM under and inside the hour).

Once again many thanx for the great work of you! This is the best theme in the net!


Hi, Zayed!

This is a wonderful theme! It could be perfect, if you just make the clock (and names of days, month and sun/moon) just a little bit bigger! They a really perfectly placed in centre of phone screen, but could you make them a bit bigger, please? Then they will look even more beautiful !!!!

Thanks a lot and greetings!


Zayed bhai…
kamaal ka kaam hai aapka..!!
yes…if its possible to customize Media Player and Radio Skin…..then it will be too gr8..!
Thank u so much..
Amazing work..! 🙂

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thanks for this theme. It looks great on my X2-00. however, there’s a minor problem in the day/night icon. Day starts quite early while night starts quite late (at 6:30 it’s totally dull but the icon shows cloudy sun)


Nice theme,Kindly make this theme for nokia X2-01 today plzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Thank you for your theme. This is wonderful.
But the MAC Live recital Blue theme for Nokia X2 / 240 × 320 in media player is a black screen.
Is there also can fix this?


Zabardast theme bro,plz create this htc desire theme for nokia c3 😀


zabardast theme bro, plz create this htc desire theme for nokia c3:)


hey bro plz create this htc desire theme for nokia c3:)


U can easily get the .nfl from copyrighted theme files on the nokia C3 or X2 go to music player > options > downloads > go to address and type the following:
file:///C:/predefgallery/predefthemes/Red.nth (over here the theme name is Red.nth) once u have typed this download it and the theme will be in the memory card > themes folder. Via usb copy the file to the laptop and open the theme by winrar. Copy the .nfl files to the hardisk and here u have the nfl files ready


still waiting for this theme for nokia c3 🙁


this theme for nokia c3 pleaseeeeeeeeeeee


The only problem is that the “softkey background” in the wallpaper is a little smaller than X2’s softkey background. Can you fix it?


can u kindly make this theme for nokiac3 too plz? Cuz it is more beautiful than htc them

    Zayed Baloch

    yes of course… this theme under-construction for Nokia C3 & X2-01. Tonight or tomorrow I will publish this theme.

Dang Son

Thanks for the theme . It’s beautiful , I love it and I highly appreciate your work !

Syaifuddin Saleh


Thank you so much for fixing the problem. I’m awaiting for you next great theme. I hope you can resolve the media player issue ASAP.

Ali Umair Jaffery

Bohat ala zayed its an amazing theme…try to resolve the media player problem….then it will be perfect…

    Zayed Baloch

    Shukriya bhai… I have resolved the media player issue, next time I will try to customize the Player Skin 😉

Syaifuddin Saleh

It’s a great theme, I am very glad to use it in my X2, but why the theme doesn’t work on media player and radio? It shown black-blank screen and I have to use the default/carrier media player theme.

    Zayed Baloch

    Thanks for pointing the Media Player and Radio Skin bugs, I have update theme and restore default media player skin, please re-download this theme.


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