The GoogleIO 2012 surpasses Windows Phone Summit this summer!

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It’s a happening world out there. You may be pretty wrong if you thought even for a moment that the recent Windows Phone summit was the best that could happen to you this summer. The best was yet to come and was none other than the ongoing Google IO 2012.

Spanned over three days the first two days of the conference have been extremely happening and intriguing indeed. Though the conference may have actually been designed basically for the developers but jut the name Google is sure to attract millions of end users to several areas of this conference that have loads of attractive stuff in store for them.

With several simultaneous sessions ongoing at the same time Google IO 2012 is a well synchronized event that is sure to make millions of its users glued to its live streaming for the continuous upcoming third day as well. The existing strength, ease and popularity of the Google services has only become better by the revelation of the several ways Google could now get closer to both the end users and the developers.

Venturing into its fourth continuous year (having begun as an annual conference in the year 2008), Google has offered more than the mere imagination of the common end user. Hailing form a clapping audience the experts narrated the ease being incorporated for developers at every new paradigm that Google was unfolding. Narrating how each one of its domains were going to be put up for developers’ explorations and suggestions Google proudly mentioned just about everything form Google the handy and portable Google Chrome box, Google TV, Google +, Google History, Google Game Apps and other social apps, Google Android for mobiles and exceptionally smart gadgets such as Google Glasses. The pride of the entire Google team was obvious with specific emphasis of the hearty welcome that has been given to Google+, this being the very first year Google IO is posing it.

Live SkyDiving with Google Glasses is the talk to the town and many say it marred and took over the popularity of the release of Nexus 7 and Jellybean (Android 4.1) that marked the onset of the much awaited and revealing Google Conference.

Stay tuned to more updates on Google IO2012 and stay in touch with your experiences of the conference by making your point using the #io12 hashtag and also using the same to search others’ take on it.

Twaha Ahmed Minai is associated with computer science and software development industry since early 90s. His area of specialization is development and algorithms. On his credit he has several computer based tutorials designed for different walks of life including defence sector. He has been teaching software development and algorithm analysis at undergraduate and graduate levels for the past 12 years. He has been actively involved in computer science based research which includes Bio-informatics, Physiognomy and forecasting. He is an inquisitive follower of the ongoing developments in computing era.

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