Aria allow users to navigate smartwatch with gestures

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Technology in its finest evolution, back then watches were merely to see time then era of smartwatches came which made possible for one to play with apps and a lot more than just seeing time from it, but now ‘Aria’ under development by ‘Deus Ex Technology’ which happens to be a small add-on that clips underneath a smartwatch band allow users to control the functions of watch with merely gestures, what’s next? Perhaps telekinesis, well anyway. It’s an accessory for an accessory, which sounds kind of weird yes, but it’s not like you have a lot of choices when it comes to adding gesture control to your gadget anyway.


Users can control smartwatches completely with all access to features which users usually access through a touch screen or a watch dial, freeing the other hand to do whatever, perhaps eat, drink, smoke or even talking on your phone. Users can either tap, flick their fingers, or open/close their hands, you can check the configuration of companion app for further experience. The device consists of a thin, black, silicone remote that slips under your smartwatch band, against your wrist

pic02According to SDK (software development kit) of ‘Aria’ users may able to determine what kind of gesture to use. Using the band’s configuration app, you can assign commands to various motions. Although the band isn’t directly compatible with ‘Apple Watch’ apps, the SDK is iOS compatible. In theory, you could attach Aria to your ‘Apple Watch’ and use gestures to control your ‘iPhone’ or connected devices.

‘Aria’ connects to a smartwatch via ‘Bluetooth Low Energy’, and it doesn’t need a battery of its own. Its designers created two versions of the accessory for ‘Pebble Time’ and ‘Android Wear’ watches, and they plan to put a campaign up on Kickstarter within the next few weeks. The ‘Android Wear’ version will cost you quite a bit at $169, since it was created specifically for developers. If you own a ‘Pebble Time’, though, you’ll only have to pledge at least $69.


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